Friday, August 29, 2008

Fuck you, Denmark!!

Gotta love the pearls of wisdom that have come out of Mary's mouth, like saying she'd like to enroll Christian in her old Sandy Bay infants school (she took him to paint there), saying she'd like Danish schools to have uniforms like Australian schools, and snapping at Anna from Billed Bladet and the rest of the Danish media to buzz off (the woman who discovered her and made her a celebrity), means that, unequivocally, Mary sees her life in Denmark as something she must ENDURE in order to collect all the benefits, perks, designer clothes, and lifestyle she really DESIRES. And from the looks of things, she barely ENDURES her children, too, using them as props in her neverending quest for publicity, making sure she is always carrying Christian because that way, their faces are at the same camera level. If she let Prince Pumpkinhead walk, then her face wouldn't be in the picture, right?

Her attitude in Beijing, partying happily with the Australian athletes and media while barely making appearances at Denmark's events, adds to this theory.

Mary is so ashamed of her daughter, that she ignores IsNOTabella until she's screaming bloody murder, and tries to cover up her lackluster looks by putting her in a butt-ugly $700 MINK VEST !!

Insecure bogan already passing on the stupid spending onto your daughter, now IsNOTabella is also going to learn that anything expensive must be good, even if it looks like you're wearing roadkill.

But no, couldn't possibly let go of the next heir to the throne to calm down your ugly daughter, could you? Many people have ugly kids, Mary, deal with it. Why don't you ask your sisters for advice? They have genetically doomed girls. Ask them if they despise them as much as you do IsNOTabella.

Your attitude is disgusting, Mary. Where the hell would you be if it weren't for Denmark and the slow Danes? And specifically, that near-imbecilic slow Dane you married? Would you be in Prada? Would you travel with 18 pieces of luggage ANYWHERE? Would you have Chanel handbags?

You are nothing but a disgusting whore, barely putting up with the awkward client while keeping your eyes on the wad of cash on the night table.


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you where Meary would be if she hadn't snared the Clown Prince: she'd still be chasing Z list fame and sleeping her way around Sydney. Fucked, and fucked over, by countless men, she'd ask herself every day where her life went so horribly wrong. She'd get a job as a bit player on a local radio show and write opinion pieces about her sad and miserable existence with titles like: 'I am a binge drinker' and 'I am all alone.'

Anonymous said...

Dear Royal Truthie,
Brilliant insights, as usual.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Who is Mary Donaldson ? Just a commoner who met a rich guy in a bar and convinced him to marry her. Now she is telling off the Danish media and acting like Marie Antonette. I understand the Aussies are very fond of her. Well, they can keep her. She doesn't show the Danish people any respect, yet she sure does like to spend our money. We hope she will stay in Hobart forever.

Anonymous said...

Roadkill! What a perfect way to describe that vest. I kept seeing Princess IzNotAbella wearing this fur vest and I'm wondering, what the FUCK is it? It looks like a caveman style fur vest that Pebbles Flintstone would wear! Of all the darling girls clothing available in the world, you'd think a 'princess' would dress better - even at play!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were joking when you said that hideous piece of roadkill Mares put on her kid cost $800. Turns out, you weren't joking. She is SUCH a fucking moron!

Fur Flies over Isabella's Vest
Princess Mary's daughter Isabella is only 16 months old, but she's already triggered controversy.

In Hobart last week, Mary dressed her youngest child in a multi-coloured vest that, it turns out, was made of fur.

The $800 designer mink garment has sparked a furore among animal welfare groups.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia-Pacific director Jason Baker said: "There's just no excuse in this day and age to be wearing fur".
Copenhagen fashion house Heart Made confirmed it sold the mink vest to Mary. "It's various colours of mink, sewn together, but turned inside out," sales manager Elsa Adams said.

Last year Mary herself was pictured in Norway wearing a fur coat at King Harald's 70th birthday celebration."

royal truths said...

Darling, don't you know I need not kid about a bogan like Mary? The truth is stranger - and more disgusting - than fiction!

Anonymous said...

This is really funny:
The Unofficial Crown Princess Mary Message Board - Board Guidelines
Please treat the 'targets' of the discussions with respect, and treat each other with courtesy.
Discussion and debate are encouraged. Argument is discouraged. We aim for a positive atmosphere, with constructive discussion based on facts. Please consider who might read your comments and what may be offensive to them. This includes members of Royal families, their staff, organisers of events, the people of Denmark. Insensitive and nasty comments, or negative remarks designed to provoke reaction will be deleted.The moderators reserve the right to edit, move or delete posts within threads as they deem to fit. Violating these rules could result in suspension or ultimately banning."

And let's not forget that dissention is discouraged as well.
We all need to be on the same, Meary Worshiping page, 'kay?

Anonymous said...

Here is a *fantastic* pic for you:

Look at picture 13!

BTW love you site - only complaint is I wish the updates were daily :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Royal Truthie,

What a trip, eh?
trip down the aile
trip down the dungeon's hall-ways
trip down the cat-walks
trips + falls all the way to her miseary!

Up with Divorce. Up with Denmark.
Down with the Bogan.

BTW: WE DO NOT want her back, she can go someplace else...isn't Siberia looking for someone to show off all that extinct Fur collection??

Great work, Truths, keep it up - and more regularly!!!


Anonymous said...

Maery is really a very common commoner, she must be the biggest joke that ever left Australia, a rock ape of proportions, with a suspect IQ of maybe zilch, - one more brain cell and she'd be a plant.