Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Proof that Mary reads this blog

Seems like someONE took my last paragraph to heart. You know, the one where I call her a whore. Because not only has Her Royal Trashiness appeared in a fucking DIAPER AD, but she nearly showed us her sweaty, hairy, naughty bits!

Now the whole outing to get diapers makes total sense. Her designer-casual outfit, the oversized "celebrity" sunglasses, and Mary being alone, to make sure Huggies got good shots of the "normal mum" without any of her ugly sisters or genetically-doomed nieces in tow.

As for her whorish getup, Mary should do as her betters have and weigh down the hems of her skirts. But not even the promise of seeing the royal cooch could get more than a few people at Mary's events, so her people had to pimp out kids from the local school to make for better shots.

And by the way, the outfit doesn't fit you, Mary, you might want to try a tailor next time. The saggy boob area, the cheap-looking seams, and the uh-oh skirt just make you look like the bag of trash you are.


Anonymous said...

"Princess Mary opens Lowy Packer Building-
Princess Mary stepped out in royal purple this morning at her first official appearance in Sydney during her Australian visit. The Tasmanian-born princess officially opened the new Victor Chang Lowy Packer Building at St Vincent's Hospital in Darlinghurst. Though the event was attended by numerous prominent Australians, including NSW Premier Morris Iemma, all eyes were on Princess Mary from the moment she stepped out of her car.
She appeared slightly nervous when addressing the well-heeled crowd, stumbling over her speech and referring to the Premier as Morris Lemma."

She had to give a 2 minute speech and she couldn't even learn her fucking lines? Oh, I forgot, that's because she doesn't speak English. And, thanks to this blog,
now we all know WHY all eyes were on Meary as she stepped out of the car; she flashed 'em the royal cooter! Once a whore, always a whore :)

Anonymous said...

If you connect the dots on her dress, it spells out the phrase: 'I am a gold digging media whore' in Danish.

Anonymous said...

Hi Royal Truths,

Of course Meary does NOT speaka da Ingrish...she speaks High-Celing Bogans. She does NOT know Danglish, either! got it!

What a waster! She does NOT want to go back to Danmark, does she??? she is lingering around here like some bad smell - which she is by the way!

great works, Truths, keep it up.


Cece said...

She'll no doubt frame that photo of her with her skirt up and hang it over the mantle, so in love with her new skinny body and expensive (if badly fitted) clothing she is!

Anonymous said...

"Jetstar to name plane after Mary-
A recent visit by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark to her home country of Australia created such a flurry of excitement, even a local airline was starstruck.

Budget air carrier Jetstar, a subsidiary of Qantas, has decided to name an aircraft Princess Mary after the Danish royal chose to fly with the airline on her recent holiday.

Jetstar is seeking approval from the Royal Danish Embassy to name an A320 aircraft in honour of Princess Mary, the airline said today.

“Like many Australian mothers, Princess Mary chose to fly with her children on Jetstar,” Jetstar Group general manager commercial operations Bruce Buchanan said.

He said the 'Princess Mary' aircraft would be in honour of Mary's choice to fly Jetstar.

Princess Mary and her children, Prince Christian, two, and Princess Isabella, 17 months, spent 10 days visiting family in Hobart last month.

They were later joined by Crown Prince Frederik and visited Melbourne and Sydney, attending official engagements and charitable events.

Their final engagement was in Sydney on Thursday at the opening of the Lowy Packer building, the new home of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute."

What a perfect fit: a cheap airline naming a plane after a cheap girl. The flight attendants' uniforms will be a shorter version of Mary's cooch flashing purple skirt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Royal Truths,

You know this Cheap airline, could do what JFK had done with a photo of Marlyn Monroe, where she had her legs spread wide apart, low slung breasts all exposed. He had the image hung upside down!

Jet-Star could do the same for Meary's image on the tail of their planes, don't you think??

keep up the great Works,Truths

with regards


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest here: this situation happens to Meary far too often for it to be unintentional. It's not that she is too stupid to have her hems weighted down, it's that she doesn't WANT them weighted down. The opportunity to flash the royal cooch to throngs of onlookers reminds Meary of her Slutty Sydney Days and whoring around with her best buddy, Ridden Hard and Hung up Wet Amber Petty.