Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fuck You, Frederik

I'm sorry, darlings, I don't care what spin the royal PR peeps or the sugar boards try to create for what happened here, what it boils down to is one out-of-control bitch Prada Princess, angry as shit over her hubby's partying, who did something so incredibly passive-aggressive that shrinks everywhere must be dying to get her into a counseling session.

Knowing that Frederik was arriving in Hobart - and don't give me any shit about Mary not knowing, because that's fucking bullshit, ok? - Mary ensured that she and everyone else would be out when Frederik arrived, leaving the Pathetic Crown Prince to knock on doors and make phone calls to find out when he could possibly be let in and reunite with his family.

Finally, Mary and gang return, and Frederik runs to greet his children. Mary does a meek kiss and hand-on-the-back thing, because she knows she's gone overboard and knows that there are photogs out there. She knows Frederik has been caught on photo and video, locked out of the house, but she can't well get out of the car and make a scene, so she makes kissy-kissy for the paps.

This is one of the more revolting stunts Mary has pulled, and my advice to Frederik is, sweetheart, you're still young enough to find yourself another woman, one who will treat both your children equally, and see you as more than a source of income.


Anonymous said...

"Princess Mary has clashed with Danish media, asking them to leave a Tasmanian wildlife park during a family visit. An agitated Mary, speaking in Danish, asked reporters and photographers from 2Danish publications to leave the Zoodoo Wildlife Park because she wanted to be alone with her family. No similar request was made in English to other media."
Actually, Meary asked them NOT to leave, but because her Danish is so shitty, they misunderstood her request. And now Meary's in big trouble with the Danish Media. And all because she's never bothered to learn the fucking language!

Anonymous said...

Hi Royal Truths,

What a wonderful show, eh?

Its like all them Greek God/Goddess' have rolled into one...

Hubiris, Icarus, Penelope, Medusa and lets not forget King Midas...

Whoa...Pretty hefty lessons all there to be learnt!

Sadly, the last word will go to Daisy + her Gray Men:

FUCK YOU, Meary!!!!!!!!!!

Life is looking good, already on the Oustralian Beaches for Meary.

Great work, Truths, keep it up!!!!

with best


Anonymous said...

Did you see what Princess IzNOTaBella was wearing at the park? It looks like a jacket made out of dead squirrels. It's by Prada's new RichBaby Line.

Anonymous said...

In an opinion article at: www.news.com.au
Mary's FameWhore sister (and founder of the Sydney Skanks) Amber Petty, describes Lindsay Lohan's mother as 'fame hungry.' Well, she's certainly qualified to make that call, seeing she's a media grubbing parasite herself!


Anonymous said...

I just noticed this. At the bottom of every opinion piece Amber Petty writes, and apparently there are many, is this "Amber Petty was Princess Mary's bridesmaid and is co-host of an Adelaide radio show."
Four years after the fact, that is still this woman's claim to fame? That she was FameWhore Meary's bridesmaid? What a fucking Moron.

Anonymous said...

You know why Meary didn't tell the English speaking media to leave?
Because she knew they would have told her to go fuck herself. None of the Aussies would have had a problem putting the Prada Princess in her place. I can't believe not a single Danish reporter had the balls to stand up to her. What a bunch of pussies!