Friday, August 22, 2008

Diapers and Prada, a.k.a. Mary in Hobart

In the first few days of this latest "private visit to Australia" by Her Royal Trashiness, we have been treated to the appearance of Holy Mother Mary going to the drugstore to buy diapers.

You've got to be kidding me, right?

Oh wait, that was AFTER Mary was photographed covering Prince Pumpkinhead's mouth as he screamed his head off at the airport, because his favorite nanny has been fired due to the fact that Christian prefers to Mummy Dearest.

The non-famewhorish thing to do would have been to ask one of the sisters to pick up a bunch of diapers, because, let's face it the ONE PACKAGE PER CHILD that Mary picked up sure ain't going to last them through the whole trip. So expect another camera-worthy trip to the drugstore.

Then we have the Country Heiress look for a simple trip to the playground. Holy fucking bogans! You'd think the bitch had just landed on the cover of Town and Country. Prada boots, vest and jacket over a pristine shirt. This sure ain't the kind of Lycra Paradise shit Mary Donaldson used to wear. And honeys, that's just the point.

Mary may not have another grand tour like her first one, where she was paraded around national monuments and decked out like the Queen Mother, but she is sure as hell going to do her best to present HER Perfect Princess persona. The persona that wears Prada boots to push her kids on a swing, the persona that travels with 18 pieces of luggage but dashes out to buy nappies. Oh, what a mum!!!

Oh, what a piece of shit famewhore bitch!


Anonymous said...

Dear Royal Trutie,

Q: WHAT else has the Fame whore got apart from Cameras?

A: Nothing!

If you have nothing, and you stated with nothing, and you are struggling with NOTHING, then what have you got left: NOTHING????????

She has nothing, needs to show off her nothing-ness, to keep her nothing life in nothing focus!!!!!!!

Go Meary...

Wonder if these shots are a dry run for her performance when the divorce appears???

Great works, Truths, keep it up:-))


Anonymous said...

The Mercury reports Mary had a 'low key' homecoming taking a 'low cost' airliner from Sydney to Hobart. Of course, she did buy out every seat in the first FIVE rows to ensure that she would not have to interact with the 'commoners' on the flight!

Anonymous said...

"Mary visited the Salamanca markets with her family yesterday and met up with bridesmaid Amber Petty. The elegant royal, wearing designer sunglasses and a casual jacket, bumped into old school friends as she browsed the stalls."
It was just a matter of time before Mary hooked up with her Famewhore Sister, Amber Petty (founder of the Sydney Skanks). Did you happen to notice the heinous fuschia nail polish Mares is sporting? Proving once again, you can take the HO out of HObart but you can't make her stop dressing like one!

Anonymous said...

From the Mercury online 8/23/08:
"Princess Mary's husband may face a rocky reception when he joins her in Australia this week. Danish magazines report that after seeing his wife off from the Olympic City, he became the 'Playboy Prince'. He headed out with friends to a nightclub, where the theme was Hugh Hefner's raunchy magazine. The group drank heavily before the Prince took part in a WILD session on the dance floor. At one point, Frederik was spotted taking bunny ears from one of the waitresses and putting them on a friend. Bodyguards intervened at 3 am and told the Prince it was time to go home.....Last month, Mary was said to have sent Frederik home from a nightclub in the remote town of Skagen after becoming frustrated with his drunken antics." Well, we all knew this was coming. Poor frustrated Freddles has turned to the drink to drown his sorrow at having married the wrong gal.
The video of his 'drunken antics' can be found on You Tube. Check it out, it is hillarious!

Anonymous said...

"The elegant royal, wearing designer sunglasses and a casual jacket, bumped into old school friends as she browsed the stalls"
Oooooh! I bet FameWhore Meary was nearly ORGASMIC over those encounters. Meeting up with her old Bogan counterparts, only now they were expected to genuflect and call her 'your highness.' "That's right you peasants," said FameWhore Meary, "lick my Prada boots clean."

Anonymous said...

Mary is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time that Prince PumpkinHead learned to use the Royal Throne? He's almost THREE YEARS OLD for fuck's sake!