Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mary Dearest

I have complained before about Mary's lack of caring for her children. She can't handle them, she doesn't know what to do when they cry, she doesn't comfort them, etc. But what happened a couple of days ago takes the cake.

Mary, the bogan Princess who shows off her Prada boots and Chanel bags every chance she gets, dresses her utter disappointment of a daughter in shoes that have holes in them. You goddamn filthy bitch, Mary. How fucking dare you?

Why is it? Because IsNOTabella is ugly? Because she's royal? Because she's got fucked up feet and Fred's face?

ONE can only imagine how poor IsNOTabella gets treated at home. Do you think she gets Christian's leftovers for food? DO you think she gets her Bogan brand Huggies diaper changed right away or is she left to stew in her own filth until the nanny notices? Sure, she gets a $700 mink vest, but isn't that more for YOUR glory, Mary? What the hell does the fugly one know? But your Eurotrash Danish friends get to know that you put that piece of shit on her. And now they know you make her wear shoes with holes on them.

But your new blue wedges look awesome, and I guess that's the point. The only way you can be more than your daughter is to make her wear rags and shitty shoes. Too bad your little plan isn't working out.


Anonymous said...

That picture simply personifies Mary: A smiling and triumphant Mary proudly shows off her bleached teeth, flawless makeup, designer togs, and new shoes while completely oblivious to the fact that her royal daughter looks like a homeless child. She is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to know what was in the 18 pieces of luggage she brought with her...obviously not shoes for her daughter. This woman makes me sick.What a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which is more disturbing: IzaNoTbella's holey shoes or Meary's blue suede shoes!

Anonymous said...
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royal truths said...

BTW I posted the previous comment twice, which is why I deleted one of them.

And to answer your question - what is most disturbing about Mary is how bold and ballsy she is in her hatred of Denmark, Frederik, and Isabella. Isn't there anyone who can stop this bitch and send her back to Hobart for good?

Anonymous said...

Dear Royal Truths,

For the sake of saying something really obvious (and NOT offending anyone...)WHO really dresses and CARES for either of the sprogs??

Whell??? Right! It ain't the Prada it?

Nah. Its some anonymous nanny..pick any you like, they change so many times that its hard to keep up with them all...

Meary's role, as stated on her Destinied Destiny CV, is to LOOKER-ME good. Whell...She does that! Wot more can you ask of her, huh???

Great post, Truths, Keep it up and more frequently.

with best
Getafix :-))

Anonymous said...

Have you seen pictures of Mary in Uganda and the landmines ? This is absolutely disgusting. Does this stupid whore believe she is Princess Diana ? I don`t wish her to step on a landmine, but I do wish this stupid, ice-cold whore would disappear out of the public.